10 health tips for going back to school

2 Minutes

Back-to-school is right around the corner, and it may be helpful to start preparing for this hectic period of time as summer starts to wind down. Preparation isn’t just limited to figuring out what school supplies are needed, optimizing your medications should also be a priority. Doing so will allow you to transition seamlessly into a lifestyle where you (or your child) has everything they need to simultaneously learn and stay healthy in both body and mind.

Keep a journal

  • Great for reflection and growth
  • Also great for keeping track of what you’ve completed and what you need to do, de-stressing, gaining confidence, improving habits and more

Use reminders and alarms

  • Alarms aren’t just for waking you up on time, they’re helpful (just like reminders) to prevent you from forgetting important tasks that might get missed when you get busy

Readjust your sleep schedule

  • By sticking to a bedtime routine, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! 
  • Check out our sleep tips blog post on having a healthy sleep schedule

Create a distraction-free zone for studying

  • This would look different for everyone
  • Generally, a clean desk in a quiet, well-lit environment will be helpful. You can buy noise-cancelling headphones and turn off your phone and other electronic devices to better concentrate too. 

Go back-to-school shopping

  • Back-to-school shopping isn’t limited to clothes and school supplies
  • Ensure that your medicine cabinet is fully stocked with your regular medications and OTCs

Get into the habit of studying a little bit everyday

  • Instead of leaving homework until the last minute or even the last day, try to do a little bit of work each day. You’ll find that you won’t be feeling stressed and scrambling to get your work done right before the deadline. 

Build and maintain social relationships by joining clubs and extracurriculars

  • Parents can enroll their children in after-school programs – it’s a great way to get to know others and make friends

Ask your family and friends for advice

  • Maybe they’ve been in a similar situation before! 

Visit your doctor before going back to school and speak to them about your medications

  • The best time for a doctor to conduct a comprehensive medical assessment is prior to going back to school – that way, developmental, emotional and mental concerns can be addressed before problems arise during the study period
  • Ask them for a longer days supply of medications to reduce trips back to the doctor’s office

Visit your pharmacy before going back to school and optimize your medications

  • Speak to your pharmacist about your current medications and how they’ve been working for you – this way, side effects can be better managed, medication concerns can be clarified with your doctor, and your medications can be thoroughly reviewed to identify and resolve any gaps in care
  • Ask your pharmacist about OTC products to have on hand before going back to school

Going back to school and starting a new academic year can be a big change for some. We hope that these tips are helpful for you!